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You're on a flight when you witness

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a man giving a female flight attendant a hard time about buckling his seat belt, refusing to do so with the seat belt sign on due to turbulence. The argument escalates when the man stands and tells the female attendant to get out of his face or he's going to knock her out. She leaves and enters the cabin apparently to talk with the pilot/co/navigator about the problem. The agitated male sits back down.

She reappears with what looks like the Capt. walking down toward where the agitated male is sitting. The seats directly behind his row have been vacated by passengers attempting to move away from a potential problem as it's apparently he's having a melt down of some kind.

You're 5 rows behind all this goings on, witness the above.

What would you do, if anything. What could you do if you were to intervene in some way before or after it escalates to violence with the capt.
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First, I’d order another rum & coke stat! Then position myself to the empty seat behind him, in hopes of slapping a rear naked choke on the moron. When “‘sleepy time “ takes over, instruct the lady two rows over, that occupies 3 seats, to come & give him a good beard ride till we get there!! These entitled azzholes need the livin schitt beat outta them as F’er as I’m concerned, F’ em!
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I think, once an azzhole on a plane, lifetime ban from ALL airlines. Take a bus dildos!
Actually, I believe we are the only country that doesn’t allow cell phone usage, so I don’t fear someone texting & shutting down the engines, just don’t buy it. I know I’ve been on mine many times, setting up people and materials for the next days location, until I lost comms & never had a “ comin in hot “ moment. Don’t believe they have a single confirmed case where, operating one has Taken down a plane, anywhere
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