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The only time I go to the open range is to function test either a new gun, or one I’ve been working on.

About all of my shooting is at IDPA practices or matches.

A usual practice will have me shooting 60-90 rounds. I’ll be shooting strong hand/weak hand, multiple shoot targets with no-shoots mixed in, moving targets, shooting while I’m moving, around cover, kneeling, lying down, shooting pairs and triples per target, tactical sequence, and tactical priority.

Occasionally we’ll shoot from inside and around/behind a van. Inside; we’ll shoot from behind the wheel, front passenger seat, and from the back seat; either out the open side door or out the front passenger window.

All shots under 10 yards are threat/focused unless there are non-threats (hostages). Those are sighted fire; HEAD SHOTS ONLY.

Practices usually run from 9:00-11:00.
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