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Your normal range trip, whats it look like?

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You're going to the range, what's your routine if you're shooting pistol/s that day?

Stand on the line, shoot at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50,100 yrds?

What skills are you using? Full sight picture, flash sight picture, front sight press, QK pistol and at what distances are you using any of the above?

How many rounds do you normally shoot in one session?

Do you practice shooting two handed off hand? One handed off hand?

Do you shoot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 rds a second and what distances are you using that number per second?

Do you practice your basics at distances past 25 yrds?
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When @BeerHunter posed this question - "What is your normal range routine?" - at the post-range lunch (very important!), @Caleb answered without hesitation... disturbingly little hesitation.... "Make fun of Racer's shooting!"
Lol….. it’s a requirement!

I generally have a “plan” for that days range session. Sometimes it’s aimed fire, point shooting, shoulder, ect…ect. I do have to admit tho, I get bored of repetition so sometimes I change mid session.

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I just go out back and shoot. Artemis joined a couple times. Did ya know a .223 will go through a 4x4 treated post, a pine tree, and head through the woods? This time of year I'm shootin tree rats
I’m surprised she didn’t put a cap in your arse.

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