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You closed the thread re: HR 45 in the Congress too quickly.

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You jumped the gun on closing the thread titled, "This is the scarriest legislation that I have ever heard of." The poster was correct in stating that this bill [HR 45] does indeed exist. It is presently in the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security of the House Judiciary Committee. I have no idea what chance it has to get out of committee, but you might just want to keep an eye on it. It requires anyone owning a handgun or semi-automatic detachable magazine rifle to have a license to own one of these firearms, said license to be issued by the Attorney General of the United States. There is a lot more in the bill including a requirement to obtain certified training before the license will be issued. You can read it for yourself by going to the link below [which is the Library of Congress website that allows access to all Congressional business including pending legislation] and searching by bill number HR 45.


Always go to the source to verify information.

There is no provision in the bill to report your firearms on your 2009 tax return, but you might just want to read the fine print on this one.
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Our gov't is worried about performance enhancing drugs in sports and yet they let morons like this congressman propose legislation. I think it's time they start investigating the mental capacities of their own!
At least from what I read he has no cosponsors.
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