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Anyone have one of these?

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No I don't, never seen this product, but I want two of them now :drinks

Holy smokes! And now that you see it, how simple is the concept now?!!? All it really does is give you a rotating extention to your normal shotties tube.

Now, they just need to come up with a version that can be loaded and removed and installed independantly....like a magazine for an autoloader...:pistols

Have a handfull of those things laying around the house for when the zombies attack! :ak:laughing:rolf

It would certainly make a shotgun a whole lot more of a contender in a real fire fight, huh?
Do a google search for the Knoxx Sidewinder Kit..Unfortunately you'll need to find one at a gun show or online. They've been disco'd...But was a great idea..
kooooooool New toy, new toy !
Cool idea but has to increase weight dramaticaly. I'll wait until someone invents a 12ga mini-gun:dancingbanana

Link sent to a few of my shotgun-owning friends. Excellent find, thanks! :thumsup
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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