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I have up for sale or trade a lightly used Ruger GP 100, .357 Magnum in a 4in barrel and steel sights.

It has only had .38 sp +p down the tube. Is a safe queen and at night a nightstand firearm. Does not get taken to the range but once a year.
Does not have box or paperwork.

Super low round count.

I am asking $500 cash or trade for a .40 cal, .357 sig or 45 acp.

Please no 1911 firearms. I am only looking for pistols such as a Sig 226, Sig 229, CZ's, HK, Glock, etc..

I will add cash on my end if the item is right.

text me at 321-388-8346 or send me email through here. I have more pics upon request.

I have FL CWP and FL DL.:popcorn 20131104_212254.jpg 20131104_212325.jpg 20131104_212319.jpg 20131104_212227.jpg
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