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For Sale or Trade is my all steel Sar K2 45. It comes with 3- 14 round magazines, box and manual. This firearm is in perfect condition. I have only put 50 rounds through it (Yes, 50 rounds.). I have played with the .45 acp and need to go back to my .40, 9mm and .357's so lets see what happens. This firearm is pristine and I have painstakingly cleaned it after my use.

Below is the write link to a site that accurately prices it as well as gives the specs on it.


It also comes with 65 Rounds .45 acp Federal Hydroshok nickle plated JHP’s. The ammo is not to increase the trade value but to whomever trades, I would like to trade that toward the ammo caliber of the firearm I am being offered. If you don't want the ammo no problem.

If you are buying then I would like to sell it for $525 OBO.

Trades: Ruger GP100 SS in 3’ or 4’ barrels or Sig 226/229’s, Taurus PT 92 SS + $100, Gen 3 Glock 22. I am also open to other mid to full-size pistol/revolver trades to if you have something not in my list, please send it over.

Let me know what you have. The worse thing I can say is no.

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