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Normally, I'd post these independently, but I am willing to trade each/all for a 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 rifle.
Pics will be posted later this evening.

#1 Remington 700 (used) - I cannot speak to the specific model as it is a used model that is in good operating condition $150.00

#2 Remington 783 (used) - Less than 100 rounds, Black synthetic stock. Quite nice $200.00

#3 CZ 557 ( less than 50 rounds) - I got this new from CZ last year and it was made with iron sights. I have since upgraded the rear sight to a peep sight. I will track down the original rear sight to include. $550.

I am selling to switch to 6.5 a creedmoor rifle.

Rifles will include some 30-06 ammo as I see fit.

I am in Central Florida for F2F at VGHC, CFRPC, or OGC. Shipping to FFL requires an additional $30/ea.
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