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WTB: Mosin Nagant Type53, M44, 91/30 *Found one*

Found one, please DELETE. Thanks.

Ok, I figured I would ask here first and see if anyone has one they would like to let go of. I'm looking for a
'project" Mosin that has seen better days but must be in good to excellent working condition with a good bore. I plan on building a sport version to my liking, so matching numbers, rare versions, ect need not apply. I allready have a "collectable condition" Mosin in my safe and will not alter that one. The m44 or type53 would be a better alternative (I know the 44 is more collectable than the 91) because of the shorter barrel (I plan on shortening the barrel if I get a 91). So, not looking to spend more than $90 FTF. I have a C&R and know I can get one at our local show, but figured I would ask here first. Thanks for looking. PM me with any offers/questions or post up on here.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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