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ok, i am looking at the kahr pm9, i was looking at the crossbreed site and it says minitucks were for smaller people. Well im 6'03" and about 270, but when i look at the regular supertuck, "plan to order one for my cz p-01 also" it does not mention the kahr pm9, hep me,, hep hep hep me.

I will probably do a littlebear in the future also. I dont have my gun or cwp yet so i am a little ahead of myself. but why not get a holster while i wait.

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you can contact crossbreeds and tell them the weapon you are going to purchase and the type of gun it is for. They can tell you what fits best. I got a mini tuck. I am small not around but small in stature. I don't have a lot of vertical lift for a big leather patch. I also have a Kahr cw9 and those too in combination let me and Crossbreeds conclude that I was better off with a MiniTuck. I am very happy with it and it is very very comfortable to wear.

Being skinny regardles of height may put you in the mini tuck size also if you are looking to carry the Kahr PM9. Nice weapon by the way. I love my CW9 and the PM9 has just as good if not better reviews.

I believe that Crossbreeds can put you in any size holster regardles of the weapon. We emailed back and forth a few times with my size body, gun type and preferences and they recommended the MiniTuck but I believe that if I had preferred the SuperTuck they could accommodate my CW9.

Whatever you do, don't get the holster first. You may change your mind on the type gun you want and be stuck with a holster that doesn't fit. The Crossbreed Holsters and Littlebears are gun model specific and they do not cross over gun models well or not at all.
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