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The good folks at Bower Group have teamed up with us to offer you the chance to Win a FREE Bowers ASP .45 silencer and a Silencer Shop Unlimited Single Shot Trust. To sweeten the deal Silencer Shop will pay the tax stamp for you! It doesn't get any better than this.


Weighing a feather-light 5 ounces, the Bowers Group’s ASP .45 pistol suppressor provides shooters a versatile, highly-effective option in this category. Its compactness allows premium maneuverability without sacrificing sound suppression, making the ASP .45 a must-add to your expanding silencer arsenal. Besides, when the Bowers brand is involved, you know you made the correct choice.

Founded by Tom Bowers (the man/the legend) in the late 1990s, Bowers Group designs and offers submachine gun/carbine suppressors in 9mm and .45, three .22 models, big bore options, and even a .45 pistol unit. Nestled in Oregon, the said ASP .45 caliber pistol silencer brings heightened durability and maneuverability to the market.

Further Intel

Constructed with sturdy aluminum, the ASP .45 measures 7” long, resulting in one of the smallest .45 pistol silencers available. For added strength, its matte anodized finish offers increased durability. This unit is intended to run on .45 ACP pistols using full-powered ammunition, so its versatility is evident. Moreover, the ASP .45’s peak performance is as a wet suppressor, which the included ablative provides. Featuring the Bowers ATAS interchangeable insert system, this suppressor is mountable on a wide range of pistols, giving the shooter an abundance of host firearm options. By default, the ASP ships with a .578x28 insert.

Rapid Fire
•Weight: 5 ounces
•Length: 7”
•Build material: aluminum
•Finish: matte black anodized

What’s In the Box?
•.578x28 thread mount insert
•Double-ended wrench for assembly/mounting purposes
•Ablative gel
•Carry Pouch
•User manual

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This is hosted on Facebook but you do not have to have an account to enter. Just click the link and submit your entry.
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