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Why is ammo going up in cost?

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I buy most of my ammo in fairly large lots over the internet, mostly from Natchez Shooting Supply, but I get catalogs from other companies (such as Cheaper Than Dirt) and every 2 months it seems, ammo prices keep going up. What is going on? Is it just general costs of producing? Obama? or something else?

As an aside, I buy many different brands of ammo and my wife's Glock 23 won't always fire Wolf rounds (Russian made), but my 23 never has a problem (note: this is practice ammo - not serious carry ammo). Has any one else run into this problem? Otherwise Wolf works well enough in our .45's and 9's. Is there anything I should know about using Wolf?
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Wolf steel cases or brass cases?

I won't use steel cased ammo in any of my American made guns. In the SKS's and AK's, no problem, their extractors are designed for steel cased ammo, the American made guns are not and can become problematic with extractors chipping/breaking.

Would this also be the case for Wolf ammo in an AR and a 1911?

Yes sir, the steel cased ammo on a chrome lined chamber on an AR is like taking a piece of rebar and dragging it across your chrome lined bumper on your car. Once the chrome lining starts to chip, the accuracy will drop off very quickly on that barrel.

On the 1911, the extractor will be taking some abuse, but then extractors on the 1911's are fairly cheap and easily replaced in the field. If I were to use wolf steel cased ammo in a 1911, I'd use one extractor for practice and tuned extractor for the street and keep a few of them handy in the event one chips or breaks during practice.

I know quite a few people who still use steel cased ammo in their AR's and pistols without ill effects for thousands of rounds, then I've also seen people break or chip an extractor claw in less than 500 rds as well so it's luck of the draw. It's not if but when the problems crop up using steel cased ammo in guns that aren't designed with heavy duty extractors.

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You can use steel cased ammo in guns not designed for it, but you take your chances on breaking or chipping an extractor. I would not recommend steel cased ammo be used in a service/duty weapon one would use to potentially defend themselves on the street with after practicing with that ammo.

One never knows when that extractor has been chipped/cracked is waiting to break part or all of the claw off while firing. I'd hate to think one practiced with the steel cased ammo, cleaned and readied their street gun for carry, and then found out 2-3 rds into a gun battle the extractor failed and any remedial drill to get the gun back into the battle was worthless.

Please understand I'm not crying wolf here, :D

I use it all the time in the Norinco SKS's and Ak's. They were designed to used steel cased ammo

What FLRon said.

I don't try to squeek out the last penny on ammo purchases anymore. Natchez is always very competitive and they usually have it or will get it back in stock within a few weeks.

If you click the icon to be notified by email that they have what you want back in stock, it saves time searching trying to save a few pennies per box and I find it's been very tiring to search for the absolute lowest prices only to find they don't have it when I call.

I would not use reloaded ammo from anyone unless their reputation for absolute quality control in the past was confirmed by another member.

I've got 30K in 9mm 115 grain fmj heads, 10K in 45acp 230 rnl heads, 40#'s of powder, 30k+ small pistol primers [ 9mm ] and 12K+ large pistol primers [ 45acp ] with a dillon 550 with two different heads set up to load both calibers without having to change caliber turrets or readjust die settings, etc waiting in the wings should I need to re-start the reloading equipment back up in the future.

I've bought and used reloads for years from a buddy of mine, then bought the press and all the equipment necessary about 8 years ago to load my own which I did for several years before moving out to Az. I didn't bother resetting it up, but it's ready to go should I need to in the future.


My 550 can pump out 300-350 rds an hour without breaking a sweat. Used to load three nights in a row from 6pm-4am and in 30 hours have 10,000 rds loaded [ 5K in 9mm and 5K in 45acp ].

Problem was, I was using that much ammo every 8 weeks back then between competitions and practice. I went through 60K a year for a decade from 85-95, then stopped shooting completely for 5 years from being burned out making 2-3 matches a weekend 2-3 weekends a month over that time period.

Shooting was no longer fun at that point, and I won't shoot for money anymore. Now I just shoot for the fun of it and enjoy training others in the skills. I personally find aerial shooting with pistols about the most fun I can have with a firearm nowadays. It's challenging and without the challenge of it all, I'm not interested in just putting rds downrange for the sake of shooting.

Do you have any opinion on the Lyman T-Mag 2 Turret Press?

Sorry TampaSsgt, I haven't any experience or information on that loader sir.

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