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Why I always carry ... even to the Drug Store.

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This is the reason I always carry, even on that quick trip to the drug store.

Had someone had a CWL and was carrying, maybe the clerk would still be alive today. Since it appears there were no CWL's carrying, there could have been 8 more dead bodies in the store.


30 Nov 2008 Tampa Tribune

CVS Employee Critical After Shooting. Two rewards offered for capture of suspect in armed robbery.

TAMPA — A man in a clown mask shot a 27-year-old store clerk while robbing a CVS drugstore early Saturday morning, and company officials and Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay have each put up a $5,000 reward for the gunman’s capture.

The robber, wearing a Halloween mask with white hair on the top, walked into the store at 11212 N. Dale Mabry Highway about 12:35 a.m. and fired a single shot from a handgun into the ceiling, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.

There were about six to eight customers in the store.
As the clerk opened the register, the robber shot him twice, then grabbed cash and ran, the sheriff’s office said.

Investigators did not release the name of the 27-yearold clerk, who was shot in the chest and thigh. The sheriff’s office said he was in critical condition at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Investigators described the robber as about 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin build, weighing about 160 pounds, and wearing black clothing and gloves.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at (813) 247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS.
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I carry for the same reason I wear a seatbelt.

You can't schedule emergencies.
Drug stores, particularly around where I live have been the scene of a disproportionate amount of crime, most notably armed robbery. I consider them a high risk location and carry accordingly.

In fact Florida State law 790.145, section 2C specifically allows holders of a concealed carry license the permission to do so.

I would imagine our State lawmakers felt there was good reason to put that into law.
I carry every where its legal.

I carry for the same reason I wear a seatbelt.

You can't schedule emergencies.

An ounce of prevention (or lead) is worth a pound of cure.

- Str8Shooter
"Carry Everywhere, Carry Now"

That's my new slogan.
I carry every where its legal.
I don't worry about legal.. I worry about being caught! If there is a metal detector at the door, I'll leave my gun outside in the car.. otherwise I guess I'm another criminal
Several months back, there was a rash of CVS and Walgreens robberies here in Ft. Lauderdale and Pompano. I believe these same numb nuts that were robbing the pharmacies were responsible for the death of Sgt. Chris Reika of the Broward Sheriff's Office. He was on routine patrol at approx. 1 AM when he saw a suspicious ghetto car at a Pompano Beach Walgreens. He stepped out of his cruiser and before he could even unholster his weapon, the scumbags unleashed numerous 9mm rounds which struck the Sgt. Down. They never causght the guys. My theory is he stumbled on the bastards waiting to rob the Walgreens and they did not want to be caught under any circumstances. That being said, I carry all day every day , even if I am going to the corner CVS for a throat losenge. If I am going down, I practice enough that I will take 1 or 2 Bass Terds with me.

My $.02 and rant over.:pistols
OLD Saying's

Rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Colt .45.

Hate to get killed for a lack of shooting back.

Since I will not be the one to choose when or where I will need it, if I have it with me all the time, will not have to worry about where it is.

An ounce of prevention (or lead) is worth a pound of cure.

- Str8Shooter
Very well said!!

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I carry even if I'm just going out back to play with my daughter. If I'm not going to be within five quick steps to the door or so, I'm wearing.

Call me crazy or paranoid but if I am awake, I am carrying, regardless of where I am.

p.s. except where prohibited by law !! 8)
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