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Which ammo easiest to find

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Looking for a new firearm for CC. Which ammo is easiest to find: 40s&w or
9mm? I've ruled out .380ACP 'cause I understand it's impossible to find. Thanks.
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I hit 3 wally worlds and there are no 9's, no 40's no 45'.
few .22's, no milk cartons.
lots of 12 ga.

easiest ammo for pistol, might just be .410 for the Judge...

My range has all you want at full retail.
Finding ANY common handgun caliber at a good price is going to require time and patience on your part. At walmart they get shipments in a couple times a week and it's usually sort of a mixed bag of 9mm and .40 (with a few boxes of other calibers every once in a while). The problem is you need to check during the mornings right after they put it on the shelf because it sells out quickly. If you don't mind paying extra, your local gun range will probably have a reasonable amount of either caliber in stock.
I haven't had a problem finding 40 S&W practise ammo as long as I'm not picky about brand or type. Pickens have been slim but theres some ammo out there
There seems to be enough .40 around, I am good to go for now myself, but good luck finding the 9mm or .380 and if you do find it for a good price, you better grab it before I do :D
Since I shop for 40 S&W, I should encourage you to get 9mm :rolleyes:

Seriously, I have not had bad difficulty getting 40S&W. I have found some boxes of 100 at Walmart, and bought bulk packs from Cabelas and Surplus Ammo - all in FMJ. I got JHPs from Cabelas, too.

You need to order in advance of running out, though.

I've seen quite a bit of .40 around but not much 9mm.
nothing is easy to find these days. Just have enough cash to buy as much as you can when you find it.
Outdoor World in Orlando had 9mm and .40 the other day when I was there.
The only thing I see with any consistency at WM is .40 BlazerBrass. Haven't seen any 9mm or .45 on the shelf in quite a while.

I get .45 range ammo at my local gun shop for $18/50...not too bad.
+1 on the .40 S&W, There is usually 40's on shelf at wally world even if it's Brazzer Brass :rolleyes:
I'm gonna be my normal evil sarcastic self and say
the easiest ammo to find is spent ammo on the floor of the gun range....
I think everything else is getting pretty tough
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