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Where is all the .380 ammo?

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Does anybody know where I can get some? We paid $23 for a box of American Eagle at the range yesterday :eek: and I would rather not do that again. Maybe it's time to retire the Bersa .380 for a while but I think Mrs. Kitty will cry if we do that. :thumbsdwn
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He sent me a message back saying that he sent 4000 rounds out for a gun show. He only has a couple of boxes left and he didn't really want to get rid of them because he said doesn't normally stock it. Oh well, thanks anyway.
FYI for those who live in Jax: Shooter's had zero .380 today. There was some at the gun show with prices pretty well jacked up.
Well Kitty and I just got back from a trip to Nashville and stopped at quite a few places on the way and nary a round to be found.
3 50-round boxes Smith & Wesson 84 gr. 380 JHP NIB. $30.ea plus shipping.

I will sell my .380 before I pay $30 for a box.
I will sell my .380 before I pay $30 for a box.
What if ammo for other calibers gets to be the same? This is just what the anti-gunners are hoping for.
Bought a bunch of this for a friend who has since found it elsewhere.

I have 400 rds prvi partizan .380 94 grain FMJ in sealed plastic.

Actually I have three of these available (1200 rds total)

Asking $250/400rd pack cash, USPS MO or personal check. PayPal + 3%.

Prefer cash FTF in Piedmont triad, NC but will ship for $15/pack extra.

E-mail works best at [email protected]
Yeah .380 is crazy to find & so are prices. I was lucky to find a local guy on gun broker that had 400 rounds of mixed ammo, about half HP's & half FMJ, I picked it up he let it go for $230. Some of it is good GD & federal HP's.
What if ammo for other calibers gets to be the same? This is just what the anti-gunners are hoping for.
That will be a sad day in America.
6 (50-round) Box of Winchester USA 95gr FMJ ..$28/box take all for$160
shipping to anywhere in the Lower 48 States, I accept USPS money order or bank check and will do paypal for 4% additional.

ship from 90813 zip, if U have any more Q or any offer U can Email me at

[email protected]

(5) 100 round boxes of winchester 95 grain .380 FMJ

WTS .380 ammo
Have for sale:

(5) 100 round boxes of winchester 95 grain .380 FMJ

$220 shipped
WTS: Nib ammo:
380 auto Winchester 95grn fmj 8 boxes (50 rounds a box). Total 400 rounds. Asking $255.00 shipped.
Buyer must provide copy of drivers license to verify age and will not sell to states where sale of ammo prohibited.

e-mail [email protected]
I will sell my .380 before I pay $30 for a box.
See above ^
Wal mart has ammo 9mm /.40 /.45 they did not go up on price I got (1) box 50rnd rem umc green/white box $18.99 FMJ PS .380 always been more $$ Just my exsperince :rolleyes:
380 ammo

I saw cases of 380 at Florida Gun Exchange yesterday (Friday). Didn't notice price because I have no need, but there seemed to be quite a bit available. Also had 45 cal for 19.99 per box.
I ordered some from ammunitiontogo.com this morning. $19.95/50rds. along with some 38 special.
Bought some 100 round "value packs" of Winchester .380 for about 33 dollars per 100 rounds at Walmart in Elkin , NC. two days ago. I only say it because the guy said it was the first he'd seen in a long while so check with Wally world before you pay rediculous prices.
saw a bunch of this down in Jupiter...they got 16.50 for a box... I picked up a few for my wifes bersa...
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