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Where is all the .380 ammo?

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Does anybody know where I can get some? We paid $23 for a box of American Eagle at the range yesterday :eek: and I would rather not do that again. Maybe it's time to retire the Bersa .380 for a while but I think Mrs. Kitty will cry if we do that. :thumbsdwn
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Cool. I just told Kitty and I think she is set now. Thanks all, good lookin' out :thumsup
Well Kitty and I just got back from a trip to Nashville and stopped at quite a few places on the way and nary a round to be found.
I will sell my .380 before I pay $30 for a box.
What if ammo for other calibers gets to be the same? This is just what the anti-gunners are hoping for.
That will be a sad day in America.
I will sell my .380 before I pay $30 for a box.
See above ^
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