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Where is all the .380 ammo?

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Does anybody know where I can get some? We paid $23 for a box of American Eagle at the range yesterday :eek: and I would rather not do that again. Maybe it's time to retire the Bersa .380 for a while but I think Mrs. Kitty will cry if we do that. :thumbsdwn
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I also frequent the BersaTalk forums.

Members there must keep daily virgil on the online sites and are kind enough to post when some is available. Magtech FMJ and Corbon JHP has recently been available. You have to act fast - usaully only in stock a day or two.

I bought my Magtech last week from Cabelero's.
Total price with shipping for 2 boxes was $42.
Cabelas has some FMJ available today-

Remington UMC Pistol Ammunition
Item number: 2UG - 216471
$18.991 Standard Express
Estimated delivery by Tuesday, 04/14/09 None $18.99CALIBER/GAUGE: .380AAUTO 95GR MC
This item is in stock.
i have not shot the remington brand in .380 yet

last week bought some magtech- also hear that is dirty

like you said as hard as it is to get- i am settling for what i can find now
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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