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What's the cure for a blue funk day

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For some reason I was in a blue funk today and did not really know why. Maybe it's because my TV blew up and I'm not looking forward to spending the money for a new one. Actually my TV blowing up might not be such a bad thing because the wall to wall Obama coverage has been driving me insane. Even Listening to the radio today I could not escape it. Then I was also told that I'm now on a six day work week. :(

Well, I found the right remedy. I made a weekday range trip and took all the guns. AR-15, Glock19 and 26. It turns out that I had the rifle section of Gator Guns all to myself. The beautiful thing about the rifle range there is that you can fold the table out of the way and have an open lane. So what did I do. Well I had the tactical sling on the rifle and went to town with 100 rounds of ammo. It was nice to use the sling and holosight doing 2-3 round bursts. I did this until I ran out of ammo.

It got even better. I decided to do some holster work too and because I was there by myself no one said anything at all. It was nice to draw from concealment and fire on a target at 5 yrds away. The hours I spent at home practicing to draw and dry fire paid off. The only thing different was the actual shots and follow up after the recoil. I practiced drawing and shooting one handed, two handed and from the hips. It was very revealing and refreshing. I don't know if I can go back to just target shooting. I spoke to the guy at the range and it seems that at that time of the evening is a good time to have the rifle range to yourself so I think I'll continue to do this and avoid the weekend rush.

All in all it was a good end to a funky feeling day. Thanks for listening. Now I have go clean some guns :dancingbanana.
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JT that's the cure. Is that a 50 or 100 round drum?
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