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What to do: Bulk Ammo (after opening the box)?

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Q: What to do about bulk ammo original packaging that falls apart or starts to take up too much space when the contents get low?

I often buy bulk ammo online.
If there are enough rounds, over time, inevitably the original cardboard box deteriorates to the point where it just isn't worth trying to use it for transport to the range. And when the box gets low, it takes up needed space.

I'm investigating the below as a possible solution and wanted to share it with you:

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075ZYW694
On sale at Amazon now (-30%). $15 with prime membership for the two bags.
One bag is slightly smaller than the other. (FYI).

Mine arrived today, and I plan to try to stuff about 300 rounds of 9mm in the larger one.
I'll report back.

The bags are well made, with what appears to be a very solid zipper.
The bottom of the bags are reinforced, gusseted (to keep them upright), and made of "2520 ballistic material", whatever that is.

I'm familiar with Klein tool bags that cell tower crews often use -- and those are durable.
I'm hoping the same is true for these smaller bags (and on first inspection, that seems to be the case).
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Photo... finally.
Maybe 130 rounds of 9mm in the bag.
Photo taken at the last Amigo range outing, two weekends ago.

Sorry for the delay...

BTW: Really happy with this bag approach for loose ammo.

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There’s been a guy shooting revolver the last few weeks at IDPA practice; and he attaches one of those bags right in the front, below his belt.
When he needs to reload, he dumps his empties right out of the cylinder into the bag, grabs a speedloader, and is back to ‘chootin’.
No picking up his brass out of the sand, either.👍
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