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What to do: Bulk Ammo (after opening the box)?

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Q: What to do about bulk ammo original packaging that falls apart or starts to take up too much space when the contents get low?

I often buy bulk ammo online.
If there are enough rounds, over time, inevitably the original cardboard box deteriorates to the point where it just isn't worth trying to use it for transport to the range. And when the box gets low, it takes up needed space.

I'm investigating the below as a possible solution and wanted to share it with you:

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075ZYW694
On sale at Amazon now (-30%). $15 with prime membership for the two bags.
One bag is slightly smaller than the other. (FYI).

Mine arrived today, and I plan to try to stuff about 300 rounds of 9mm in the larger one.
I'll report back.

The bags are well made, with what appears to be a very solid zipper.
The bottom of the bags are reinforced, gusseted (to keep them upright), and made of "2520 ballistic material", whatever that is.

I'm familiar with Klein tool bags that cell tower crews often use -- and those are durable.
I'm hoping the same is true for these smaller bags (and on first inspection, that seems to be the case).
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I have a several ammo cans too (metal, and plastic varieties).
I'm not that fond of them, but they do indeed fulfill their purpose in life.
Overall, I think they are a little large (and heavy when full), for simple day trips to the range.

They also take up a lot of space when I keep ammo in the safe. (I really need either a larger safe, or a 2nd one.)
But storage in the safe is not the prime motivator for me.

I just think it'd be nice to "grab a bag of ammo", have enough for the typical outing, and save the heavy lifting.

As for a Mag-loader, I tried a friend's last time at the range.
I'm so used to my Glock mags I can load them just about as fast with the factory plastic thingy.
...and, my arthritis is on the other hand!

EDIT: Ammo bag photos coming tomorrow.
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30 cal cans for me. 50’s for storage long term, transfering to 30’s for range time. Some time back Trapper and I were going to a revolver class in Sebring area. He had his suv hatchback. I had metal cans, he had plastic cans. Somehow he didnt secure the hatch and coming out of my development he floored the audi and we heard a noise. He pulled over (5:30 on a sunday), and found his plastic can on the ground with 500 rounds of 45acp all over the road. My can was intact sitting on the pavement. Fortunately it was early on a sunday and traffic was non existent. We scrambled around picking up ammo, laughing, and got it all up pretty fast before any cars came through. That incident alone convinced me that metal mil cans were the only way to go……..
...or a Yugo. :)

A slow Ford Fiesta might also work well.
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Ok then .. When inside a vehicle at 98 degrees , the temps can hit 100 + easily . Canvas cannot draw that kind heat .. I am aware of ammo , keeping in moderate temps as much as possible . Just my way ymmv
I'd be more concerned with the chamber temperature of your firearm after firing a dozen or so rounds than the canvas bag you transport the ammo in.

Gunpowder ignites at about 800-deg F (on the low end)
Lead melts at 621-deg F.

So, I guess if you see your bullets melting.... (of course, the canvas bag is already on fire by this point...)

Even Nitrocelulose (found in primers) won't ignite until about 325-deg F.

Personally, I'm not worried about hot ammo in the car on my way to/from the range.
Now for completeness - I never leave ammo in the car to prevent it falling into the wrong hands if someone ever broke into the vehicle.

But I do pay attention to elevated ammo temperature when shooting long distance, as hotter ammo (termperature-wise) can affect barrel pressure and initial velocity. And vice-versa, though it never seems to get cold enough in South Florida to matter much.
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I will also mention that I really do prefer the "European" style boxes of 9mm ammo.
By that, I mean the compact containers that Sellier & Bellot ammo comes in.
See: 9 mm LUGER / 9 mm PARA / 9 × 19 – FMJ 115 GRS SB9A – Sellier & Bellot

The boxes are compact: 50 rounds of S&B ammo takes up probably half the space of Winchester white box, for example.

I'm aware that not all S&B ammo comes in compact boxes (.338 Lapua Magnum, for one example).
And I'm not positive there's anything to "European" packaging - but that's what I've heard it called.

Regardless, all things being equal, the less physical space in my life taken up by ammo, the better.
So long as I can keep 1000's of rounds on-hand in each caliber. :)
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I would be OK with ammo boxes (metal or plastic), but I just don't shoot enough in the typical range outing to justify filling a complete box. No argument from me that those metal boxes are sturdy, and weatherproof (if not waterproof or even submersible). But it's a lot to lug around.

I think these canvas bags will work well (for me).
I know I'm late posting photos... Sorry about that.

I've got a box of 350 Blazer bulk 9mm FMJ that I think might fit nicely?
It's got a 2018 label, (I date my ammo), so its original cardboard box shows 5+ years of wear.
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Just went on Amazon and they are loaded with ammo bags & tool bags ...
+1 for the pun. :)
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Still late on the photos, but I'm happy to report that the canvas bags (Klein variety) are perfect.
I loaded about 300 rounds of that Blazer Brass 9mm from the original carton.
Fits in the smaller bag with maybe 40% room left over.

This is going to be a way better solution for me.

Next experiment will be to see how many 12 ga shells I can pack in the larger bag.
Although, I already own a few bandoliers for that issue. :)
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Photo... finally.
Maybe 130 rounds of 9mm in the bag.
Photo taken at the last Amigo range outing, two weekends ago.

Sorry for the delay...

BTW: Really happy with this bag approach for loose ammo.

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