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I've lost .01 on my audio reaction time in the past six years. When I attended Brownie's class, I was at .13 consistently. Now, I'm .14. It's great to be able to quantify such details.

Dry fire with effective technique should more than make up for loss of reaction speed. At least it has for me.

I cut a 1.42 from concealment today on a 25-yard A-zone shot, and was consistently 1.5-1.6 on a full mag through the Glock 17. Two months ago, when I became serious about it, low twos were as good as I could muster. Dry fire every day, live fire every day or two, and here I am, nearly where I want to be with it.

Brownie has been one of my inspirations in my pursuit of better. He gave me great tools to start out with.
That’s great Mike!
Brownie‘s penchant for bringing out students abilities and train them to such a degree in only one class is, I think, unparalleled.

When I took my first TFP course; I had all the skills we covered that weekend available to me when I left. Unlike most courses where you’re hit with a lot, then it’s all on you to work on those skills until you either get them on your own, or settle for something less.
(Of course bttbob is also an instructor who, I believe, ensures that his students “get it” before they leave.)

I actually do go to the TFP courses now to see all my training friends again, work as an RSO, and maybe get to shoot a little bit. 😁
1 - 1 of 26 Posts