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The average reaction time for humans is 0.25 seconds to a visual stimulus, 0.17 for an audio stimulus, and 0.15 seconds for a touch stimulus.

Breaking down some of the vids in the editor [ open carried ], the buzzer sounds, and it takes me .04 seconds to curl the fingers and grasp the grip in one of the video's, that results in a first shot at .43 seconds.

In another using the editor [ open carried ], hands at side, buzzer to hand on gun was .52 seconds. If we take for granted the .17 reaction time from the buzzer [ audio stimulus ], that looks like .35 seconds to physically move the hand to the gun, the first shot touching off at .84 seconds at near eye level using QK pistol. That would suggest my physical speed to first shot was .32 seconds from the time my hand touched the gun.

In another, a demonstration of sweeping the gun off my body from hands at side/gun just inches from my chest, .14 seconds total to touch/sweep the gun off my body.

In another hands at side, gun held to my head, I've touched the gun and it's cleared my head in .25 seconds. This presents a potential problem as someone with superb reaction time might be able to get a shot off at the moment I deflect/touch the gun [ it's not happened in multiple attempts by multiple people, but it is still possible ].

So from hands at side, gun near chest level, I've got .11 seconds minimum before they can react. From hands at side, gun to head, it's a draw if the person has very quick reflexes AND IS EXPECTING ME TO MOVE ON THEM ]. A startle responses normal time will be about .1 seconds when they aren't expecting me to move, added to the .25 reaction time [ these are best case scenarios giving the BG the full benefit of the doubt where his speed is concerned [ worst case scenario ] it would appear one has at least .35 seconds before a gun could possibly discharge in a disarm attempt.

In another, from concealed at 12 feet, I'm at .94 seconds. Wait a minute, THAT WOULD MEAN EVEN WITH A SUB SECOND DRAW, BEATING A GUN ALREADY DRAWN ON YOU [ drawing against the drop ], YOU'RE TOO FAR BEHIND someone with average reaction times. Tell me again how one draws against the drop and expects to not be shot if the aggressors is willing to fire? Now, some know about the "draw against the drop" skill I was taught by a dep sheriff covering East LA for near 25 years. He first adlibbed the DATD when a gang banger shoved a shotgun in his face on the streets. Afterward, he perfected it further, tweaked it a little as it were. This involves both H2h and drawing and firing at the same time [ can you pat your stomach and rub your head at the same time? ]. Not one, then the other, but both hands working together in concert [ because obviously time is of the essence ].

Why do criminals put a gun in your face/chest/threaten you with one from touching distance? Why do criminals present blades within close range/just out of touching distance? They are using a tool to control you, so you don't fight back/resist while they relieve you of your possessions. They don't want to kill you as a rule. If they wanted to kill you they would just do it and you'd likely not even know there'd been a problem. I mention this because in New Orleans one year training in the long knives, several of us went into N O french quarter to witness a voodoo wedding presided over by the high priestess of the city named Miriam. One of those along was a Sgt. on the NOPD. He told us to watch ourselves, let no one with the inner circle, because the gang bangers in that area didn't rob people/tourists, they just walked up and shot or stabbed them to death then stole their belongings. These bangers weren't going to try to intimidate you and potentially deal with resistance of any kind.

So what does all the above tell me? Action beats reaction. One MUST know what they are capable of first, formulate a quick tactical plan and execute it as soon as possible. As defenders, we have the element of surprise on our side when confronted with a blade or gun used to control us if it's within touching distance. Most people will not go up against a gun or knife in close. And probably just as well they don't. It takes some commitment to put the time in, push your own limits until you know what they are, then have the mindset of "not today butthole" just prior to the life running out of them.

The editor is a great tool when accurately measuring one's times to move against another's time to react. I had no idea what the times may have been until I put the vids back in the editor and moved frame to frame with the time in .00 seconds being recorded.
I hope you keep posting things like this as it it very much appreciated. I have read this several times as I try to time my reaction times. Mine are bad is all I will say. Working on dry fire drills now. Thanks so much.
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