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What better to do on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day, a day of remberance, a day of honor and respect, a day full of patriotic feelings, and a great day to buy a new Glock!!:D I woke up early that day and found out that a local gun store was open till lunch. Low and behold, they had the exact thing i had been searching for the past few months, a G30! Needles to say, me's gots a new addition to the family. The shop owner even threw in this sweet 3'x7' Glock banner!!!:thumsup. This is my first Glock and I couldn't be more exited. All in all, it was a wonderful holiday. I get some pictures up after i get off work today.
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as soon as i get off work there will be some pics:)
all i could get is some cell phone pics. sorry for the quality

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