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Welcome new members

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Wow, take off for the weekend and this place multiplies.

I'm very behind in giving everyone a warm welcome. Please make yourself very comfortable. This place is usually neat and tidy and everyone is mostly respectful. When someone gets snarky it usually doesn't last long. We all get over it and then we're all friends again.

Mostly what you will find here is genuine people wanting to be responsible and educated gun owners. We found this place just like you did. You wanted to be with like-minded people. With as many different backgrounds and experiences there is no reason for you to not jump right into a conversation offering your .02 worth. We all learn but only if you share. Holding back because you might say something stupid doesn't cut it here. Just share, if you said something stupid after all I'm sure we'll all have a good time with it. :D

Someone is always home and can answer your questions. Sometimes we just pick on each other but for the lion's share of posts you will find a nugget you can take with you.

Welcome. There are no cookies on the counter over there because I ate them all. I saw them first. :bangel
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Should we tell the newbies about chocolate ammo also
man were do you get that, i am getting hungry looking at this thread.
and welcome fellow new members.
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