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When I got home from the range tonight, I noticed my can of RemOil was empty so I used WD-40 To clean my gun. Was this a bad idea. It seemed to work well. Has anyone else ever done this. What are your thoughts.

I did use a heavier grade gun oil to lube the pistol before reassembly.
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been using wd 40 for 30 years. will not hurt anything
I have seen this point discussed before in various forums. The general consensus is that because WD-40 is a lubricant and penetrant, the penetrating qualities make it a very poor choice should any of it migrate and get on your bullet primers, as they can neutralize them.

I would also make sure you do not get any on your wood stocks/grips, if your gun has them. Other reports are that WD can get gummy and harden up over time, causing potential problems.

If it were me, I would use some Gun Scrubber to get it clean, particularly paying attention to the bore and cylinders (if a revolver) and then apply some suitable oil/protectant such as Breakfree CLP, or something similar.

Just my opinion.
The Marine Corps stopped using WD-40 a long time ago to lubricate their firearms for a reason.

As Ron mentioned, it's a penetrating oil, it displaces water and in that roll it works perfectly. As a preventative to rust, it's on the lower end of the scale in testing over numerous other products available. As Ron mentioned, it also can get "gummy" and build up over time causing other issues with moving parts.

I don't think it would hurt to use it in a pinch once in awhile though.

Thanks guys. The cleaning with WD-40 was a one time thing for me. It seemed to work fine and hold me over until I was able to pick up some more RemOil.

Normally I just use Remoil, and VERY light bead of red bearing grease (we use it at work for the landing gear on Gulfstreams) on the slides, and outside of barrel being carful not to get any on the feed ramp or chamber.

Thanks again. :thumsup
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