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Walther PPQ M1 9mm $550

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Make: Walther

Model: PPQ M1

Caliber: 9mm

Location (city or county): Pensacola

Price: $550

Will ship (Y/N): Y, on your dime.

Other info: Up for sale is a PPQ M1 in 9mm, Two 15 round Walther magazines, 3 interchangeable back-straps, and an Alien Gear holster shell. Purchased this pistol in March, and it has less than 200 rounds down the pipe. Runs great, amazing trigger, and for those worried about the style of the mag release let me assure you it is very easy to adapt to. I really enjoy it. Great for CC as well. I CC'd it regularly and never felt like I was printing or it was too bulky in any way. I've just had some other expenses come up recently, so this one will need to go. Any questions or offers, please send them my way.

For the Alien Gear Holster shell. To be clear, this is just the plastic shell. If you own an alien gear holster, you can attach this to the base you already own. Or you can mail it in and I believe they do free swaps to other handguns of their shells.

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This is a great firearm.

I can attest to the paddle-style mag release being easy to adapt to, as my wife has a Walther P22Q with the same style mag release.

I'd buy it if I weren't buying a precision rifle to compete in Precision Rifle Series matches.

So many guns, so few dollars.

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