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We're all quite good at making judgments--usually after the fact. We make judgments as "Monday Morning Quarterbacks," we admonish ourselves to "never do that again." But what about making those carefully-considered decisions while the event is happening and within sometimes split-seconds?

That's the process you learn at Judgment Training Institute in Vero Beach. It's very similar to how you review events after they've happened, yet it's a front-loaded process that provides you accuracy in decision making even when faced with incomplete or conflicting information while an event is happening.

This is an adaptation of the process used by airline and military pilots worldwide and is offered to the firearm industry by a retired test pilot who authored the process for the Federal Aviation Administration. Instant decisions can and should be accurate; there is no conflict between the two.

Experience is not the best teacher when it comes to firearms, so introduce yourself to Judgment Training Institute's "Free Saturday" introductory sessions. You'll instantly see what you've been missing. 772-678-3446. (www.judgmenttraininginstitute.com)
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