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I saw something about this when it first came out, and today I just received an email update so I thought I would share. Sounds like +1 for us.

Dudley Brown - National Association for Gun Rights <[email protected]> to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

UPDATE: Gun owners speak out

Earlier this week, we told you of the newest curveball the Obama administration threw at American gun owners:

The forced destruction of all the military's once-fired brass -- an unforgivable waste of money (80% of the commodity's value) and, more importantly, a ruse to keep ammunition scarce and expensive for gun owners and law enforcement officials.

Well, American gun owners spoke...

And you were not pleased.

The National Association for Gun Rights is happy to report that, thanks to your anger, the Obama administration is already backing down.

Just like that! Great work!!

To read up on the details, check out Luke's newest blog entry.


Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

Help fight gun control. Donate to the National Association for Gun Rights
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