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Two sides of the Walther Family?

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At a local gun shop I heard a clerk expounding to a compatriot about two different Walther production lines.

He claimed the P22, PK380, CCP and the PPK .22 were made by the Air gun company Umarex. He claimed the guns were of inferior quality with pot metal slides. The magazines of cheap and open design which allowed dirt to enter.

The PPQ, P99, PPX and Q5 were made in the old Walther factory, which produced "real" guns for military contract and were made to military specifications.

Anyone owning these pistols care to comment?

Who owns a P22 military and I'm not impressed with the barrel system or the front sight's propensity to vanish, great grip though.
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I would give an unqualified "it Depends"

Some Walther pistols were made here under license. The ones that I have shot did not impress me much. Had the extractor pin fall out of a PPS while shooting. The pistol was new.

I have a P-22Q, and have had no issues. Same with my PPX and P-38.
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