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Two more new weapons; strictly research!

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Two more new weapons; strictly research! PICS ADDED

In my quest to own a concealable weapon for every dress occasion, I did the paperwork on a Springfield XD 9 mm subcompact last week. Went to the shop Wednesday to pick up the XD9 subcompact.

While driving to the shop and even while walking through the door, I kept asking myself, "Did I get the right 9mm? Should I have bought the Glock instead?"

Mind you, all this was after doing a lot of research on which is best, the XD or the Glock. What I discovered is a lot of people will claim the Glock is the best while others will claim the XD is the best (as in most reliable). Generally, the best I could determine is, for the most part, those who prefer the Glock do not own an XD and those who prefer the XD do not own a Glock. And, while the Glock has been around longer which might make the Glock claim to greatest reliability more believable, I have not read or heard one bad word about the reliability of an XD. Apparently they just eat whatever you feed them and keep on popping with no squawks or complaints. So, all my listening and reading was for nothing, completely inconclusive.

Walked on into the shop to pick up my XD9 subcompact. It was ready for me and they plunked it on the showcase for me. As fate would have it, my new XD 9 was now sitting on top of the show case directly over a Glock G26 with night sights. Talk about fate! I took the opportunity to handle both of them at the same time. An XD and a Glock in the same caliber and almost the very same size weapons. What a research opportunity!

The salesperson saw the look in my eyes and said, "If I call it in and tell them you want two instead of the one we first called in and give them the serial number of the Glock also, I think you can take both of them home with you."

He then picked up the "call-in" phone, made the call, gave them the info on me and after five minutes, hung the phone up and said, "Yep, you can take both of them home with you."

Now, I didn't really need another 9mm Glock since I already have a G19. But, here is an XD and a Glock of the same size, one in my left hand and the other in my right hand.

A little voice in my head said, "This is the opportunity to learn once and for all, by your own experience, which is best, the XD9 subcompact or the G26."

How could I do anything else but listen to that logical voice, so, I bought an additional 2 mags for the G26 and had 3 of the 4 G26 mags fitted with the factory +2 floor plates, leaving the fourth mag with the original 10 round capacity just in case I should ever want lose a little length of handle by sticking that one in the gun. Then bought two additional hi-cap mags with the grip extensions for the XD just to keep everything the same between the two handguns. Took both the XD9 and the Glock G26 home with me.

Sometimes it gets costly to learn things for yourself.

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Good luck with both and let us know which one you find more to your liking.

Congrats on the purchase of those fine pistols sir.

Congrats on your new acquisitions! If you have the coin to indulge your desires, enjoy and see what you like over time. You can always sell off one if it doesn't suit your needs.

You might want to hold off on holsters until you see what you like best.
Congrats Jim on your new handguns! I am looking forward to your reviews and experiences with them. My next purchase will be either the Glock 19 or the Glock 26. The XD9 may be in the mix as well...

Congrats again:thumsup

Congratulations, Jim. I'm torn between Glock's and XDs right now myself. I wish I could solve it the way you did.
We, your loyal followers, appreciate the financial sacrifices you make so that you can enlighten us. :drinks

I've considered both for my next weapon but it will be a long time before I can afford either.
I'll have to remember that reasoning next time I can afford 2 new toys for the toy box. Maybe the wife will fall for it! :rolf
I did almost the same thing with the M&P and the Glock except instead of getting two subcompacts I bought the G26 and switched from the M&P compact to the full sized .40. Glad I did it, they are both great guns. Good luck and happy shooting :)
OMG! Forgot the pics til now.


Enuf said.!!!!!!!!
My apologies, Legal Alien. Must have lost my head for a moment. Here is the pic of the two latest acquisitions, the Glock G26 on the left and the XD9 subcompact on the right. The spare mag for the Glock holds 12 rounds, the spare mag for the XD9 holds 16 rounds.

THE ROSES ARE A PEACE OFFERING TO MAMABEAR. I just know she is prepared to give me a cyber space spanking for not posting the pic in the beginning of the thread.

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The pictures are great, but I can hardly wait for the range reports.
Awesome picture Jim and nice weapons too :clap
You take great pics Jim!:thumsup Congrats again.


What great pictures. Love the roses, what a sweet touch just for me. :)

I do have a question though. We were at the gun shop last night trying to look at a Glock 26. I say 'trying' because they had none in stock and didn't know when they would get any in the shop. I had to hold the rental Glock 27 just to know what the 26 would feel like in my hands. It felt much bulkier than the Walther PPS I've been used to carrying and it was slightly heavier. I was able to put one in each of my hands and get a real good feel for both of them at the same time. Then I switched hands and held them both again and could still tell that the 27 felt bulkier and wider around to grip.

The other gun I was able to handle was the S&W M&P compact. It felt just a bit heavier than the Glock 27 and still had that bulky feel as well compared to the PPS.

I did find that both were noticeably wider than the PPS so that was a deterrent for me. I did see the XD and mentioned to my dh that the guys here seem to think highly of it but I was not able to get my hands on it because someone else was looking at it and it was almost closing time at the shop.

Can you tell me if the XD is wider than the Glock 26? I can't tell by your lovely picture which one of those would be wider.

You lucky lead horse, you for being able to bring home two new babies at the same time.
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Congrats Jim!:thumsup

We all appreciate the sacrifice you had to give to do a true comparison of these 2 fine weapons. I'm looking forward to range reports and a comparison of what is different/better/worse about carrying each.

Nice pic too!
Mamabear, I will do some measuring and get back to you on the width of the grips. Just from handling the two weapons a good bit, I can already tell you that the XD feels more comfortable in my hand. The Glock G26 has a bit of a hump on the rear strap of the grip that, in my hand, seems to concentrate any rearward pressure on the gun onto a small area right on that little hump. The XD also has a bit of hump on the rear strap but it is longer and spreads the pressure more evenly on the palm of my hand. Let it be known that I have fairly small hands with slim fingers.

With the standard mag in the Glock, there is no room for my pinky finger on the grip. This is critical to me and is the main reason I bought +2 round floor plates for the mags for the Glock. My pinky finger on my right hand does not like to be underneath the grip of any pistol that has more recoil than a BB gun. The reason for that is the fact that I broke that pinky on my kid brother. Broke it like a light bulb dropped on a cement floor. With the pinky finger wrapped around the grip, it is happy with any recoil. The +2 mag floor plates on the Glock give me room for my pinky to fit on the grip.

The XD, on the other hand, has just enough room for my pinky to fit on the grip with the standard mag installed. Nothing else really required to keep the pinky happy.

Oh yeah, before everyone blasts me for breaking my finger on my kid brother, who, incidentally, stands a full head taller than me; he really had it coming. And, if it will help my case any, I also broke the finger next to that pinky. However, I broke that one on the head of a local "thought he was tough" guy while defending that same kid brother.:) There must be a moral to the story of those two broken fingers, but, it escapes me for some reason.

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Wow, great photo. Would make a nice wallpaper. :thumsup
Mamabear, I am ready to answer your question now. If by wider, you mean from side to side of the grip, then the answer is yes, the XD is wider. But hold on, there is much more to that answer. The grip of the XD is much smaller in your hand. That's because in every other measurement (taken with a dial readout caliper) the XD measures less than the G26.
I will list them below:

Grip width, from side to side-------------------------G26 = 1.17 inches
subcompact XD9 = 1.21 in.

Front to Back of grip at smallest area----------------G26 = 2.05 in.
XD9 = 1.79 in

Front to back of grip at largest area-----------------G26 = 2.28 in
XD9 = 2.10 in

So, what that boils down to is the fact that the circumference of the XD9 grip is 0.4 inches less that the G26 at both the largest and smallest areas of the grip. That is significant to those of us with smaller hands. This is why the XD grip just feels a good bit smaller in my hand. It is smaller. Mamabear, if you get a chance to handle the XD9 subcompact, I think you will find it feels much better in your hand than the G26. However, nothing is going to feel as slim as your Walther single stack. That's the price you pay for increased capacity.

There is another measurement that is significant to those of us with smaller hands. This would be the distance along the line which your trigger finger would lie when you place your finger on the trigger. I measured that too.
Measured from the back of the grip to the front of the trigger along the line that your trigger finger assumes when pulling the trigger.
G26 = 2.83 inches
XD9 = 2.60 inches
That's a difference of very nearly a quarter of an inch which makes the XD9 much better suited for a smaller hand. Ya just don't have to stretch that trigger finger with the XD9.

There is one other factor with makes the ergonomics of the XD superior to the G26. I'll need photos to demonstrate that though. It's how far down into the palm of the hand the bottom of the grip extends when the pistol is in the firing position. Unfortunately, at the moment, lightning is cracking and the rain is coming down outside. I'll have to do the photos when that mess stops.

Hope some of the above helps a little with your question.

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Oh yeah, Mamabear, the weight of the trigger pull on both the Glock and the XD9 is about half that of your Walther. This is a plus for me.

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