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Truglo TFO sights

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I just recently put these on a Sig P6 as I was looking for Night sights, yet my older eyes also needed help focusing on the sights. These by far are the best sights I have ever had on a sidearm hands down! during day they Glo very well pulling your eyes right to the sights The front sight being green the rear being yellow, so easy to differentiate between them and also good if you just want to focus on the front only. At night they are just as bright if not brighter then any tritium sights I ever had! Money well spent. I recommend for anyone with aging eyes who are looking for new sights!
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I have them on all of my Glocks. No holster issues. Love the sights.
I've heard of that happening, Brownie. Thankfully, I've not experience it. I've got several thousand rnds downrange through my Glocks since putting them on a couple of years ago...no issues.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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