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I and the wife will be taking a little trip in a couple of weeks to Virginia. I am a Florida resident and have a Florida concealed permit and we will be driving. We will travel through Georgia, S. Carolina, and N. Carolina. I’ve checked the concealed carry pack-n-go travel planner but I just want to be sure I don’t miss any thing. From the web site all 4 states I will be traveling through have reciprocity with Florida so I can carry concealed as I understand it. For the most part we will not be stopping between Florida and Virginia except for gas and possibly food. I just wanted to check things like:
Accidental flashing / printing
Need to notify officer if pulled over
Restraint carry
Rest stop carry
Retreat rules and
Anything else you guys may think I need to know.

We will be spending a few days in Virginia doing who knows what. I assume we will eat out and possible go out sight seeing so any info would be greatly appreciated. The last thing I want is any trouble while I’m out of state. I don’t travel much still haven’t been on a plane so thanks again for any info.
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In NC, you are required to inform any LEO who stops you that you have a weapon and that you have a license. From there, follow his instructions. Since gun ownership and hunting are very big in the area I Summer in, there has never been a problem and the LEOs are like talking to your cousin from the country.:D

Within reason, you probably don't need to be paranoid about printing BUT really try not to let the weapon be seen. I travel the states you mentioned all the time and have never had a problem. I never stop in bars while travelling.

Only place in Va. where you may encounter an anti gun attitude , that I have come to mind, would be the DC area. I was a PO there and my son is in Fairfax Va, presently. The general political enviornment can be problematic should a situation arise.
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