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Training for 11 year old

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I came across this video on youtube. It's a 11 year old girl who has been trained by her dad. This video has three parts and there is even one where she field strips an AR15 in 24 sec. It's very impressive. My oldest son is 5yrs old and I'm just wondering at what age would be appropriate to start to teach him how to shoot. I've already educated him on gun safety and on what to do if he ever see's one without an adult around.

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I started my son shooting around 5 years old. Of course it was with close supervision using a .22 rifle that I had resting on a sand bag, with me behind him helping. He said he liked the way it went bang!

As he grew older, he quit needing me behind him. He then got into the Cub Scouts and they taught them at Summer Camp to shoot bb guns. To him the bb guns were a little let down.

He then got into Boy Scouts and they were taught to shoot the .22's and they were given the opportunity to shoot the 12 guage shotgun. My son liked shooting the 12 guage, because I had allowed him to shoot my AR-15 by the time he was 13.

He is now 26 and living in Charlotte, NC. He still likes to go shooting with the " old man " when he comes back to visit. Last time he was here he shot up about 200 rounds of my .223's - ouch! ... But it was worth every penny!! :D
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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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