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Training for 11 year old

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I came across this video on youtube. It's a 11 year old girl who has been trained by her dad. This video has three parts and there is even one where she field strips an AR15 in 24 sec. It's very impressive. My oldest son is 5yrs old and I'm just wondering at what age would be appropriate to start to teach him how to shoot. I've already educated him on gun safety and on what to do if he ever see's one without an adult around.

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My dad started me at about the age of 5 with a cap gun and then a bb gun. I started my son about that age as well with a bb gun. Not much responsibility with or in a cap gun except to hear it go pop. So, I started him (my son) with a Red Rider. Then he quickly moved up to a pellet gun. At 7 we were hunting together and now he is 13 has the Red Rider, a pellet gun, my .22 rifle, his own .270 rifle, and a .410 shotgun. He's been to every range I've been to and shot everything I have except my muzzle loader. Some may say that is too much but he has always been a responsible kid so I have taken the opportunity to promote gun awareness and safe handling with him.
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