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Took my teenage boys to the range.

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They had been to the indoor range about a year ago and once before that.
So, limited shooting experience, 18 & 19 years old.

The guns: Ruger 9mm 1911, Glock 17.5, 22.5 with dot, 34.5 with dot and 20SF with dot.
I wasn't going to take the 10mm but one of them requested it.
I had them dry fire the pistols at home to get a feel for the trigger and talked about stance.

They started with fixed sights, one the 9mm 1911 the other the Glock 17.
Then they shot the 34.5 and 22.5 with dots.
The 10mm with dot was last.
Both of them got to shoot all the guns.
At some point I notice that both of them are using too much finger on the trigger, which I corrected.
Targets were at 10 yards and they went through a couple hundred rounds of ammo.
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It was a good range trip and I think they look forward to going again.

On the way home, I asked if you had to pick one of the pistols to defend yourself with which would you pick?
18 year old - Glock 34.5 with dot.
19 year old - 9mm 1911
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Parenting, doing it right.
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