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Took my daughter to the range today

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Usually, my wife and I give the kids a day a month where we take them wherever they want to go and eat whatever they want to eat. This month my wife and I switched up, she took my son out for his day and I took my daughter our for her day. She chose to go to the range. Usually this is what my son wants to do. Anyway, she enjoyed her day at the range (yeah, I ended up taking her shopping too, just not for a pistol) and wants to go with her brother and I when we go next time. She wanted to fire my wife's .380 but it had a failure to feed issue so we put it aside and shot my 9mm and .40 S&W. She says the .40 was too much "power" for her but she enjoyed shooting the 9. I guess now I have another reason to give my wife so that I can go out and buy another pistol. :D Wifey doesn't believe I need another pistol but with 3 people hitting the range, I think I can convince her. :dancingbanana
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Deadeye, If all she wanted was a Mk II, I'd be happy or any 22 for that matter. She's talking about a Desert Eagle .357.

Way too much TV watching going on here.

She says she wants a 9mm. Pink in color. Don't know about that. The wife says she thinks that today was good for my daughter but today will be the end of it. We'll see.
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