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Todays tornado

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Well I live one street over from today's tornado that struck Port Orange, neighbors have debris from the damaged homes in there yards.

Man, it was a wild ride. I was eating dinner while the winds blew all around my home. I did worry briefly about my ham radio tower (45ft tall then 12feet above that in antennas) but it has survived hurricanes for the last 7 years.

So this got me thinking more about how to be better prepared for these natural disasters. While we live in an area that is very prone to hurricanes so we understand. But I must admit that I have become complacent. So it is time to redraw family plans, emergency procedures, be stocked as to be self sufficient for a week, trim trees, and take out the generator and cycle the gas.

Are you up to date?
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Rats...you remind me...I need to go out and cycle the generator for awhile, thanks. :thumsup

Glad you made it through that one. Having grown up in Tornado Alley..Arkansas and even Kansas and Oklahoma for most my younger life, I'm no stranger to those things. I've witnessed their destruction first hand. I've even seen the fabled "pick and chose which homes to obliterate" phenomenon with my own two eyes when, as a child, the home we were in was only one of 4 in the neighborhood that somehow survived total devastation. I've actually survived so many glancing blows by those things, that I can almost "sense" thier presense. I'm guessing my body's just become atuned to the pressure drop. The one that played hopscotch on a line running between West Orlando/Winter Garden and Sanford/Geneva in Seminole county several years ago literally jumped my neighborhood. I listened to it fly over head as my girlfriend and I huddled in the bathtub under the bed's matress I'd stripped and thrown over us.

Nothing to fool around with, that's for sure. In Junior high, had all the glass windows sucked out of an adjacent 10 story glass office building. We could hear the glass raining down on the roof of the school.

At least with hurricanes, we get SOME warning..:rolleyes: That Jr. High event, we didn't know until the glass hail shower and that deafening "train" sound...:eek: Somehow, our glass windows in the classrooms stayed intact.
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...You may never have to use any of this stuff, but it is simple and cheap to put together and it is nice to have if you need it.
That's it right there. It's one of those "rather have it and never need it, than WISH I had it!" kind of things.

We do so much camping that we've got "grab-n-go" stuff laying everywhere as it is. But, I've gotten so many of those cheaper dome style two man tents over the years from well meaning friends and family that I've included one of those in all three survival kits I keep around, one in both our cars, and one larger more stubtantial "bug-out"/hurricaine/SHTF style kit I keep here at home.

Why not, right? Never know. They're small, light, and quick simple shelter if ever needed in a pinch. They're no Hilton or Ramada, but, they'll keep the skeeters out and, put up correctly, they'll hold some suprisingly nasty weather at bay for their size. :thumsup
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