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Todays tornado

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Well I live one street over from today's tornado that struck Port Orange, neighbors have debris from the damaged homes in there yards.

Man, it was a wild ride. I was eating dinner while the winds blew all around my home. I did worry briefly about my ham radio tower (45ft tall then 12feet above that in antennas) but it has survived hurricanes for the last 7 years.

So this got me thinking more about how to be better prepared for these natural disasters. While we live in an area that is very prone to hurricanes so we understand. But I must admit that I have become complacent. So it is time to redraw family plans, emergency procedures, be stocked as to be self sufficient for a week, trim trees, and take out the generator and cycle the gas.

Are you up to date?
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Tornadoes are tough to prepare for because you never know where they will hit. They can hop scotch through an area and level one house and the one next door isn't touched. I have made kind of a safe room from a hall closet at the end of the hall. Small tight room with good support at all sides. Not sure what can be done if you get a direct hit from a tornado. Duck, cover and pray.
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