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To those who's applications went through OK...

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A couple of questions before I mail off my application;

Does the training certificate have to be signed, i.e., in cursive as with most people? My instructor has printed his name in block caps as his signature (???)

Also, is a receipt required for the training? All I received was the certificate itself, with no receipt for payment.

Last question; Is everything cool if I took the course on Dec. 13th, 2008, got the passport photo on Dec. 15th, got the application notarized on Dec. 17th, and got my digits printed via live scan on Dec. 31st, and paid online 4 days later on Jan 4th, 2009. Is that within the time limits if I mail it off on Jan. 19th (Monday coming up)?
The instructions just state 30 days from date of application, what date do they consider as that? The date it is notarized or the date they receive it?

The only reason I ask is that I figure that they are so swamped now, that even the slightest infraction or omission will cause a rejection....(Look Mabel, this one don't have the 't' crossed here.....whirrrrrrrrrr..my application hits the shredder):cool:

Thanks for the input!!!!

Best Regards,

The Snide....
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OK, thanks for the responses!!!!

The application paperwork is a little vague on the timeline criteria, so I just wanted to ask others and see what they experienced.

I'll drop it in the mail on Monday.

Muchos appreciatos, or whatever they're saying down in S. Florida now.:dancingbanana
As long as you get it in before tuesday, you're OK :rolf

Yeah, buddy. Real funny.:thumbsdwn Real wrong too, sadly.:smack

I forgot about the govt. holiday, so it's a moot point until tomorrow. Gee, I sure am glad I came HERE for help.:rolf

Brass tracks; It says clearly on the envelope WITHIN 30 DAYS for the picture. It also states in the State Statutes 790.06, part 5, sub (e), "...full frontal view color photograph of the applicant taken withing the preceding 30 days...."

That is why I asked. I was pretty sure I had read that there was a time limit for the photo. But, in the photograph details on page 2, it only mentions "within 30 days of the application date".

Thanks for the effort, anyway. I guess I answered my own thread. Wow.
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