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Ok here is the situation, or should I say situations.

I am in desperate need of help in making a decision.

So last week I take an unplanned stop at the local shop(Orlando suburb) and asked the clerk whether they had any Sig p229 .40 in stock. to my surprise she said yes and pulled out one and almost floored me with the price $550 on sale for $450 I was so tempted at that momment to whip out the old credit card until I dropped the magazine...aftermarket. Cosmetically the gun looked to be in good condition but I am no expert and being new in the area (and firearms on the whole) i don't have anyone to accompany me to the store.

I asked the clerk if she had any history on the firearm........NO:thumbsdwn

How old is it?....I don't know:thumbsdwn

is there any warranty?.....yeah Sig has lifetime warranty

(I believe that sig's warranty is for original owner only)

What does it come with?....the one magazine:thumbsdwn

Not a problem guenuine mags are not that $$$$$$$

What if something goes wrong?....come back and talk to me, my guys in the back are the best.

By this time I start to feel uneasy:thumbsdwn BUT it FEELS SOOOO GOOD in MY HAND

I then noticed that the shop had a brand new pp29 but chambered in .357 for $740 a good price I believe from my research... but I really want a .40. I asked whether if she could get me one brand new, yes but the price went up to $859 plus tax( money I don't have at present.

Is there anything I should check the firearm physically for? (again it looks clean)

Are there any other questions I should ask the clerk?

Would you buy this for CCW puposes or do without one until you can save for brand new?

What is the worse case scenario to get this repaired down the line if need be $$$$$?

Oh BTW I am 6'4 220lbs and have big hands. I have shot the p229 before and it just feels right.

So in a nutshell....What would you do...take a chance on the used one or do without until I save more $$$?


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I bought a Sig 220 "carry" slightly used this summer.

Last round feed issues [ known to be a prblem on this model occassioanlly ]. Called Sig, sent the gun to them and they fixed it for free, had night sights and Short Reset Trigger work done at the same time.

I'd buy the gun if you like it and not worry about Sigs warrantee work. They take care of their customers very well as a rule. I'd ask the dealer if they are a master sig dealer, we are and when I got the run around from Sig customer service on a pair of grips I ordered, and asked for our rep. The rep took care of everything from that point forward, so if the service center were be a problem, the dealers rep would be able to square anything away for you.

I don't hesitate to buy used guns, but I know guns and know what to look for before I buy. If you don't have that experience, buy new would be my suggestion.


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First of all, definitely buy it! :thumsup

Now, to answer some of your queries:

I have seen very few used service-type pistols from major manufacturers that were 'used up', so to speak, so I wouldn't be too concerned about getting a beater or a lemon, especially from Sigarms. The store probably took it in trade from a customer for something else, which may explain why they know nothing of the gun's history. If the gun appears visibly undamaged then it probably is just fine, but you can always compare it to a new Sig pistol in the store. Most reputable gun dealers won't put used junk out on their shelves...no gun manufacturer or dealer wants any part of the product liability that goes with selling a defective firearm.

If the magazine is a Mec-Gar brand then you're in luck, as they are the OEM for Sig magazines (and the only brand of after-market magazines that I will purchase). The fact that it comes with only one magazine may be part of the reason that the gun is priced as it is...you'll just need to buy more. :D

My wife has a P228 that I bought for her some 15 years ago and it has never had so much as a hiccup.

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Either buy the gun, or tell me which store it's in! :D

Seriously...if it doesn't look beat to hell, you can't go wrong. If it turns out to be a lemon (highly unlikely), SIG will take care of it.

My good friend is a SIGnut. He's got a house full of them, and I think only one that he bought new.
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