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Time and Distance, Thoughts on Solving the Equation

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Time and Distance: One Example of Solving the Equation

SwampRat and I have discussed this subject at considerable length, below is a compilation of his thoughts and mine.

We deal with time and distance equations in many areas of our lives daily. We learn to drive a car which is continually updating time and distance problems. The more time we have behind the wheel, the better we judge time and distance which directly corresponds as to how well we drive overall.

If we don't practice driving [ the training ] very often, we may eventually learn where the vehicles corners are, but in the meantime, we're going to have repair bills to pay until we establish a base of skills through practice [ training ] so that we become comfortable with our ability to solve these time distance equations to the point it's instinctive and done subconsciously.

Can we expect to be able to solve time and distance equations proficiently in the self defense arena if we've never experienced a self defense equation? I hardly think anyone can expect to answer that with a yes, yet many people who carry a gun believe they can solve a time and distance self defense equation simply by carrying a gun.

On the surface, a hand held readily available firearm would seem to solve most of the equations we'd expect to encounter, but if we actually break the self defense equation down into it's basic components, we discover it takes X amount of time to determine we need to respond to a threat, it takes X amount of time to physically get the weapon operational, and it takes X amount of solve the problem proficiently with that tool.

If we can determine that the sum of X's will be no less than some amount of time, we can then establish how much distance is required to allow us to have the time to accomplish the sum of the X's.

If you then look at the time and distance equation in this manner, you can see that distance directly relates to the amount of time needed to perform a task. The shorter the distance, the less time we have.

We can establish that there is a minimum amount of time necessary to accomplish the 3 X's which can be considered a constant. By training our reaction time and draw speed to first shot, we can reduce the time constant. Reducing the time constant [ for us ] means we are reducing the distance part of the equation as well as we know that distance is in direct proportion to time.

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Thanks guys! With the cost and availability of ammo, I think Airsoft is all I'm going to be able to practice with for a while
If only ammo was priced as affordably now as it was when you posted this...
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