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This Saturday June 6th CQC Class!

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I know its last minute and I know its not cheap, .....BUT if you can stretch to the cash...............IT IS VERY MUCH WORTH IT!!!!! There are a few open spaces, due to last minute cancellations.

This class is offered on a limited basis, based on these instructors (very limited) availability. So if you are interested, I strongly suggest that you attend this class.

This class is NOT intended to teach you martial arts, it IS designed to teach you when confronted by an assailant with a weapon, how to adapt and react to that threat - how to break contact and get away, or get to your firearm. The class will teach you what you NEED to know to survive.

This “Introduction to Weapon Threats class” is a four - 5 hours class that includes psychology, mindset, body language, and defense against the most common attacks including kicks, punches, grabs, and pressure points. Also covered is disarming techniques, moving out of the line of fire, and gun, knife, and stick defense.

Course Structure:
Whenever possible, these Hand to Hand courses are taught in various locations outside the classroom. The idea is to prepare you for real-life situations in real-life environments. Therefore this CQC class will be taught on this coming Saturday June 6th 8am at the Caloosa Park in Delray Beach. Go to the first Parking lot and you will find the instructors waiting there. (Trust me, you can not miss them) ENTRANCE to park is: 1300 S.W. 35th Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426;

This hand to hand class is taught by outstanding close quarter combat operator / instructors.

William N.
William has served over 10 years in the US Military. Seven of those years were with the United States Marine Corps in hardship posts. Currently he is a PBSO deputy. He has 13 years experience in providing protection for diplomats, private sector executives, and professional athletes. He has trained the overseas Wackenhut's Reactionary Force to the diplomatic community, in Pressure Point Control, Handcuffing, PR-24 Police Baton Techniques, and physical conditioning. William is a hand to hand expert including Comando Krav Maga level 2 instructor.

Doug S.
Doug, has 9 years of military service (and counting) spanning 2 branches of service. He is currently in the US Army National Guard in the State of Florida. His experience includes special operations, HRT (Hostage Rescue Training), small arms, demolitions, maritime operations, VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure), and unarmed combatives, with a special emphasis on the last three. His skills have been honed in numerous real world operations. He is an ASOT Level II instructor and urban operations training instructor. He is an unarmed combat instructor graduating as a level II instructor from the US Military CFC (Combat Fighting Course) and as an instructor from Dieter Close
Quarters Defense (CQD) military training.

Cost of Class is $200. Bring cash or Prepay by Credit Card on our website:
www.floridafirearmstraining.com Book now as space is limited. .....Anyone wanting more info can call me at: 1; 954 298 9103
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Great class. Went well. Class lasted 7 hours including breaks etc.

I will post up next class info with more notice in the future.

Thanks to all that attended.

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