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think I'll try and sneak in... right here!

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...just another St. Pete newbie!

Had a NY CCP in the mid-70's. Still have the little Colt Cobra I bought in '74. Still the first gun I go for when something goes "bump" in the night.

Been in Florida since '82. Have had a Florida CCP for almost ten years. Have rarely carried in-state in the past. Find myself carrying more and more, lately. Must be a political thing!

Maybe one of you Florida Crackers can answer a question for me. I had a stolen identity problem prior to getting my FL-CCP. Even with my CCP, when I go to buy a hand gun from a licensed dealer, I am denied on the telephone call. I then have to send an appeal to FDLE along with a current set of prints. I do, eventually, receive an approval letter. Huge pain in the butt!

I have heard, of late, that someone in my situation can apply for a Florida Personal ID Number (PIN) for their CCP, but... I can find no information on how to do that. I have looked through the FDLE web site without success. Anyone here been through that?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

John G.

"If things seem like they're under control... you're not going fast enough!"
- Mario Andretti
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