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There is a God!

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I was pretty certain of it on Friday when a Harbor Freight store finally opened up in town (I like cheap Chinese tools that I can afford...so sue me!), but now? I am absolutely convinced!!

October 3: Wife and I mailed off our applications.

October 27: Both checks clear our bank.

December 11: Called the Dept. of Ag to check the status of my application. Waited for 20 minutes, but it was well worth it! Was told the license had been issued December 9 and should be received in 7-10 business days.

December 13: Had to go to work at 0500 this morning. Went to the gym after work, came home, checked the mail and felt that pretty (well...except for the photo of me) license through the envelope with Charles Bronson's name on it.

I'll probably wait to do my first Walmart stroll without my wife. I'm not going to tell her I got mine yet; I want to wait a week and see if hers shows up so I can add it to one of her Christmas presents...so don't anyone tell her! (I don't think she reads these forums anyhow).

All in all I didn't have to wait too long (71 days total), but I am definitely glad the wait is over!

To those of you still waiting, keep the faith!

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Lots of CWL Christmas presents being handed recently. Congrats :drinks
yep lots of CWLs for Christmas now can you imagine that gun you have been wanting and the one shes been wanting sitting under the tree all gift wraped just waiting for you.
Congrats Dave.

My wife received hers in the mail yesterday; however, I have temporarily "intercepted" it so I can give it to her with her Christmas present. In the mean time, I'll keep telling her that we will have to call the Dept of Ag...after Christmas, of course.

Merry Christmas, all!
You're holding out of your wife's ccw?
You're a dead man.

Have her let us know when the funeral is.

Make sure she becomes a member here so she can keep us posted on funeral arrangements. :rolf
Yep, I can see it now, "Honey, would you set up the target in the back yard so i can try it out?????:rolf:ak
You guys are probably right on the money, but I like to think positive...as in, she will positively kill me.

I think I'll lock up all the ammo and remove any sizeable objects from her reach before I let her open her Christmas present!!:smack

She'll actually like this...it's similar to the way I proposed to her 6 years ago this Christmas Eve; I gave her a jewelry box filled with a dozen rings: 11 from Claire's and one from a reputable jewelry store, then asked her which one she liked most when she opened it. She figured it out when I got down on one knee and pointed out my favorite.

That being said, I still think I'll hide the ammo...:ak
Update #2

Well, all the funeral talk scared me to the point that I broke down and gave my wife her Christmas present early. I bought her a Sccy Industries CPX-1 (looks like a Kel Tec P11 clone) this morning from a guy on another forum. I figured this would be a good, affordable starter gun for her, plus she actually held a P11 the other day and commented about how good a fit it was for her hand. I put her CWP in the box under the gun so she would see it when she picked the gun up. She really liked the pistol and was happy as all get-out to have her CWP in-hand so, of course, I took the opportunity to comment about how well I know her.

She then informed me that this wasn't the setting she had envisioned to show me how well she knows me and directed me to sit down and close my eyes ("Oh, boy!! I'm gonna get lucky!!"). She walked out of the room for a minute and came back, then had me open my eyes, and there she stood---fully dressed---holding a Winchester Model 94 30-30.

I had taken her to a local shop a few days ago and we saw a few of these, and I mentioned to her how I had to hock the pre-64 my grandfather had given me when I was a kid to buy heating oil 20 years ago (lived in upstate NY at the time and it was C-O-L-D!!) for the wife (now ex) and kids (an act for which my grandfather never forgave me).

She went to a different shop while I was at work on Thursday and found a "previously loved" Model 94, called a close friend of ours who I shoot with to make sure of what she was looking at and what it was worth, then actually talked the guys down on the price (she mentioned something about wearing a low-cut shirt when she went...not sure what THAT had to do with buying a rifle?!), and brought it home for me WITH a box of ammo!

It isn't a pre-64, but I think this gun means more to me than the one my grandfather gave me.

So all is as close to right as it ever gets in our household and I'm even more convinced about how lucky I am.
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Wow man that was great to read Congrats to both of you.
Papi, really nice story, and happy holidays to you.
Christmas came early for both of you :clap. It's so awesome to have someone in your corner that looks out for you and takes the time to share your passion. Congratulations Papi.
Awesome story. Thanks for sharing. See, there really is a Santa Claus.
Great story, Papi. Thanks for sharing that. You've got a keeper there, and I think she does, as well. :thumsup

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope SandyPaws is good to all of you.
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