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There I was, surrounded by State Troopers....

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My wife had a minor medical procedure done today in Shreveport and we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 this morning. At around 7:30 they came and took her away for her procedure and I moved into the surgical waiting room for the duration.

I decided I needed to sample some of the waiting room coffee from a small breakfast bar they had set up at the middle of the room. So I'm right in the middle of filling my cup when I hear a large group of guys come up behind me. As I finish filling my cup, I say "Morning guys" as I slowly turn around from the coffee pot and realize I was addressing six Louisiana State Troopers.

We made some small talk as they got coffee and I find out they had a member of their troop having surgery this morning and they all came by to wish him well before he went in. After a minute or two, I suddenly remembered that I was carrying and thought to my self, "I hope none of these guys freak out if they notice".

Even though I'm licensed and the hospital is not posted, some officers have been known to treat you like a bank robber, when they notice you carrying, until they ID you as a good guy. I was even thinking how bad the coffee was going to burn if I got taken to the floor.

Since the last thing I needed was to be spread eagle in the middle of the waiting room while the wife was in surgery, I decided to retreat to my little corner of the waiting room and limit my contact with my new coffee buddies. Luckily, either my supertuck holster is paying for it's self or these guys figured with my military hair cut and charm, I was a good guy.

Of course the wife is doing fine and will be coming home in the morning.........
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Hospital coffee !!!! Oh the humanity.
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