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The WW walk and then some

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We took the walk last night in our local wally world .Both of us were not even looked at twice by the sheep. thought to my self why am I not nervous.
I asked her was she nervous ,her reply was nope.

They did not have any nacho's ,but we did pick up some animal crackers for the dogs. The ammo section was empty not even 22cal left. they did have some 12g there. We did not notice any one else carrying. So we were off to the next stop.....

The At&T cell phone store.
We walked in the were a few customers there one was a police officer.
I was now nervous! Why I have no freaking clue why, were legal right so why did i get nervous? Time passes the officer leaves nothing was said.
We got our shopping done and got back in the truck . My mind is still going over why I got so nervous, then it hit me right in the face. I was thinking the officer would be looking for people that are carrying just cause of the job. He was so engrossed with that new LG phone that I doubt he even took the time to look us.

So lesson learned for me is I am legal there is no reason to get uptight worrying on what if I am printing. :D

I know that this was a boring WW walk ,just thought I would share
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in time you will learn and accept that nobody cares.
They're not looking at all.
If somebody does spot you they automatically figure you're a LEO.

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