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They all fall to 45 hardball


If you're hit in the hand you'll be blown back off your feet


The pistol and cartridge are legendary, but what has been written for decades like the above is fully horse crap. Carried one and many times two 1911 45's for 28 years on the streets.

I have no more expectations from the cartridge than a 9mm where stopping aggression is concerned
I was a city firefighter and EMT in Orlando and went to lot of shootings over 30 years. Some people would have two .44 slugs in them and be sitting up talking to you and some people would be "DRT"(dead right there) from a .22 short to the torso that hit the aorta and bounced into the heart. It's all about where that thing goes and if it hits something vital enough to stop the victim. Saw a lot of immediate knockdowns on cops shows and movies.
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