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The Revo Thread

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Lets see those revo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post the pics in this thread,

I'll start with some of my collection of revolvers I've been putting away for the last two years.

1948 S+W K38 pre model 14 38 special

1950 S+W K22 pre model 17 22lr with original box

1985 S+W 29-3 44 magnum Lou Horton one of 200

1991 S+W 640-1 357 magnum

1982 S+W 65-3 357 magnum

More to follow


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+1 on the Python snub.
Nice collection
How do you guys feel about revolver holsters with a thumb break and an exposed trigger, such as this...

I still see a lot of this type for sale from reputable manufacturers, even though they're not legal for competition in most shooting disciplines (ostensibly for safety reasons). Are they really that dangerous?
Sweeet :thumsup no issues there
Here's one I just picked up from a private collection and will be shipped this week to me.

686 no dash 357 mag "H" frame [ Smith's designation for the stainless models but most know them as L frames ] with original combat grips from 1981.

I had the 686 with 4" barrel. Nice Revo
Looks like a great color match DeadEye
1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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