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The next best gun for the money

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Not including what you currently own, what do you think is the best gun for the money and why?
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Just to put my 2 cents in and I don't know if anyone has recommended it yet, but the new Springfield XDm is looking pretty good. Granted it's a little large and heavy, but for the 9mm you get 19+1 rounds. Now granted it shouldn't take 20 rounds to put someone down, but still, you only have to carry one magazine with you.

It's always best to carry at least one spare mag for a semi auto. If for some reason the gun double feeds, you are going to want to rip that mag out and not mess with straightening the upper most round before reinserting it while under fire. In this type of mag malf, you want to be able to rip it out, cycle the slide quickly and reinsert that fresh mag and get back in the fight as fast as possible.

The mag lips could be bent on the force of the slide when the double feed occurs as well as the mag spring could be buggered out of alignment preventing the next round from feeding properly. None of the these things is something you want to be addressing when you could be reinserting a new mag that's fresh without these potential issues.

I want to carry another mag for my SR9, but I'm not yet in a position wear I can do so comfortably. I try to practice clearing malfunctions like a Type 3 while using the same mag (ripping the mag out and retaining it), but that is by no means ideal.

I like my m40-a1 for 339.00 from CDNN 450 rounds and not one problem
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....I would've gotten an Rock Island Armory 1911.

That is on my wish list.

I like the egonomics of the XD guns. Shot a mag full through one and loved it.

Currently carrying a KelTec P-11. Lotta bang for the buck. This one has had a LOT of rounds through it without a hicup. A must before I bet my life on it.
I've seen someone shooting one of those Steyrs (not sure if it was 9mm or .40S&W) at a local IDPA match, and it seemed to work well. He had one malfunction, but the stage was goofy and required us to hold our gun, light, and spare mag all in the same hand, so it's very likely the malfunction was just caused by limpwristing.

Glock and Sig

I think both are great tools. I have owned a few of each and plan for another Sig purchase (P245) by the end of the year.

The only thing that I have issues w/ Sig is the gas and breaks. I have to do a good amount of dry fire and practice to work the muscle memory back in.

Ironically, both of my MOST accurate OUT OF BOX guns were a Glock 21SF and an older Sig P226. Both made me look like a rock star.

I like having a variety of guns and I know I will always have either or in my safe at all times (or on my hip.... LOL).

& I did not come from a junk yard!!!! YARDDOG :D & my wife sais I'm not ugly she's legaly blind but that has nuton too do with it 7 MY vote is M&P 9C
Right now Gun shops taking advantage of it all i saw an M&P for $589.00 thats insane a walther PPS for $699.00 only a month ago i saw a walther for $619.00 shootstraight asking $500.00 for an LCP MSRP is $330.00 they wanted $629.for and XD9 SC Crazyyyyyyy.
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