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The itch has been scratched...with the muzzle of a Kimber!

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YAHOO, whoohoo, YAY, awesome.....

Yes my dear friends, I have scratched the itch. I have been wanting one of these since I first saw them, so I went down to Florida Gun Center in Hialeah, talked to my buddy Roberto, and purchased a brand new.....wait for it.....

Kimber Ultra Carry II with Night Sights....

Yes sirreee bob. I am like a kid with a new Rock em Sock em robots game on Christmas, and no I am not going to play with the box instead.

So far I love this thing, and I haven't even shot it yet. Fits perfectly in my hand, conceals much better than my Ruger P345 (which is for sale now if anybody is interested - PM me), and it looks sweeeeeeet.

There are only two things so far that are a little less than awesome:

1. Kimber only includes one mag. I will probably have to get some Wilson Combat mags for it.
2. Dissasembly takes some getting used to, not nearly as easy as the Ruger, and includes a thin paper clip tool that could easily get lost.

But otherwise, I am as happy as a clam, except that now my better half wants one too. :banghead

Picture is included although with bad lighting...


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Congrats on great auto to carry. Enjoy it in good health and my you never have to draw it in self defense.
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